The data you need to build your next service.

Open Data Hub is your access point to South Tyrol’s relevant OPEN data. We provide a free and well documented API platform you can use to create new amazing applications.

Access a growing number of datasets

Mobility, Tourism, Traffic or Weather data? We provide all of them. Do you want to build the next car parking app? Or do you prefer to predict when hail will impact plantations? Doesn’t matter what you want to build, we have data you could use.

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Check out the data in our analytics tool

View various information about sensors, including their locations, what they measure, and the actual data in near-real time.

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Integrate data in your website or app using our web components

To help you create data visualizations faster, our community already developed a set of components using data provided by the Open Data Hub. You can find a list of web components ready to be used on the Open Data Hub Web Components Store.

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We’re here to support you

Development can become tricky sometimes, this is why we’re here to help. Discover our services and clarify all your doubts in seconds.

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Access to all Open Data provided
Notification about API and dataset changes
Intermediation with data providers
Basic support* in the implementation of APIs
Advances support* in the implementation of APIs
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