Let your business grow letting the others build on top of your data.

We provide a platform, services and tools to allow you to quickly and easily share the data your company generates, gaining visibility and helping the development of amazing new applications.

By sharing your data, be ready to receive

  • Visibility of your data
  • Visibility as a data provider (on websites, on events, with web components)
  • Advanced infrastructure to publish your data
  • Documentation
  • Web Component store for demo apps
  • Regular communication towards data consumers
  • Statistical overview on data consumption
  • Ticket queue for handling requests and problems
  • Error monitoring and escalation

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We’ll help you, in every single step

Contact our Customer Care Team to get instructions about how to share data with others using the Open Data Hub.

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Up and running in just two months

The development time for a Data Collector depends on the complexity of the shared data. Typically, the development time is around 2 months, which we usually break down into 4 sprints:

  • Sprint 1 (weeks 1-2): basic configuration of the Data Collector
  • Sprint 2 (weeks 3-4): development of the adapter part with respect to the customer’s API
  • Sprint 3 (weeks 5-6): development of the adapter part of the Open Data Hub API
  • Sprint 4 (weeks 7-8): testing and production start of the application

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