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Mentor Final Event

The final event of the Mentor project took place on 26th January 2022. Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) paves the way for new mobility opportunities, proposing an approach that offers a real alternative to individual transport in rural and mountain regions, through tailor-made mobility solutions designed for the needs of single users. How is all this done concretely and what are the business opportunities in this field, both for those involved in mobility and for tech-companies?

Towards a Mobility-as-a-Service in rural alpine areas - Programm

At the closing event on 26th January 26, 2022, we shared the results with all interested parties. It was a great opportunity to learn about the pilot projects, to get an idea of our position in the Alpine region in terms of MaaS and to find out what the next steps are. If you couldn’t attend the event, don’t worry! Below you can find the link to the talks and the slides. The event was held in Italian and in German, according to the mother tongue of the speaker.

Full video
Speaker Company Title
14.00 Patrick Ohnewein NOI Opening Video
14.05 Monica Mucci Interreg IT-CH Saluti istituzionali Video
14.10 Katharina Zeller Stadtgemeinde Meran Institutionelle Begrüßung Video
14.15 Daniel Alfreider Autonome Provinz Bozen Institutionelle Begrüßung Video
14.20 Petra Piffer SASA Institutionelle Begrüßung Video
14.25 Matthias Bellwald Brig Institutionelle Begrüßung Video
14.30 Mirco Meder PostAuto Institutionelle Begrüßung Slides Video
14.35 Session 1: Die neuen Mobilitätsdienste: Ergebnisse und Erfahrungen
14.40 William Garbely PostAuto Using Open Data Hub to enhance passenger and mobility information Slides Video
14.55 Markus Silbernagl Easymobil Der On-Demand Dienst in Meran Slides Video
15.10 Ruth Lochmann Mentor Project Der Bike-Sharing Dienst in Meran Slides Video
15.25 Danilo Pederiva Alperia Open standards and data exchange for e-mobility Slides Video
15.40 Renè Schader Ummadum Ein neues Angebot für die Post-COVID-Zeit: der Car-Pooling Dienst ummadum Slides Video
15.55 Helmuth Pörnbacher Apollis Die Veränderung des Mobilitätsverhaltens der Einwohner von Meran Slides Video
16.10 David Felz STA Das Mobilitätsverhalten in Südtirol nach COVID-19 Slides Video
16.25 Sessione 2: Verso il Mobility-as-a-service (MaaS)
16.30 Lorenzo Modena OpenMove Un prototipo completamente open-Source di applicazione MaaS basata sull’ Open Data Hub Slides Video
16.45 Matteo Antoniola 5T Linee guida per l’introduzione del MaaS in Italia Slides Video
17.00 Anina Döbeli Bundesamt für Verkehr Offener Ansatz zur gemeinsamen Nutzung von Mobilitätsdaten für ein effizientes Mobilitätssystem Slides Video
17.15 Roberto Cavaliere NOI Raccomandazioni per l’introduzione del MaaS nelle aree rurali alpine Slides Video
17.30 Closing