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Software Developers’ Thursday

Welcome to the February 2024 edition of Software Developers’ Thursday!
This event is a monthly gathering of the South Tyrolean developer community to discuss innovative software solutions and technologies.
This time, the focus is on the technologies used to develop the new Open Data Hub AI-based chatbot, which the Open Data Hub Customer Care team is using to improve and speed up ticket processing.

Open Data Hub Customer Care AI Chatbot

LLMs have the potential to transform the workplace by taking over language processing tasks previously performed by humans. This is particularly true in areas such as customer service and software development. To explore the possibilities of LLMs, the Open Data Hub team set out to create a proof of concept chatbot. Drawing on an extensive pool of project data, such as code on GitHub, documentation and the project website, this chatbot helps the Open Data Hub’s customer support team to assist their customers. Chris Mair will discuss the technologies used, the challenges faced and the results of this first PoC.

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Open Data Hub Customer Care AI Chatbot Video Repository Slides