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Data Visualization: understand the potential of data

We help companies to test, visualise and get inspired by data to make their ideas concrete and valuable.

As a data provider, you will get

  • a proof of concept of the potential of your idea in a short time and at low cost
  • a prototype with innovative technologies to make your idea more concrete and valuable
  • a network of experts at your disposal

Create a prototype in a short time and at low cost to understand the potential of your idea: through a network of experts, the Free Software Lab helps you to develop a prototype with innovative technologies that makes your idea more concrete and valuable.

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As a data consumer, you will get

  • a guideline and inspiration for new digital products
  • showcases for single or more datasets
  • web components freely available
  • Open source code on github (free to fork)

To help you create data visualisations faster, our community already developed a set of components using data provided by the Open Data Hub. You can find a list of web components ready to be used on the Open Data Hub Web Components Store.

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Contribute as web component developer!

To contribute as a Web Component developer, you can use all the resources available in the Open Data Hub to create new Web components. Data is freely accessible and can be used for your own projects. For closer cooperation, do not hesitate to contact us.

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