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Re-envisioning transportation & the green fuel supply chain.

Arxax is dedicated to reducing carbon emissions in the Brenner corridor by optimizing and promoting cleaner transportation through a data-driven approach.

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Arxax: an overview

Arxax is a climate-tech startup building smart system integration solutions to support and accelerate green transition in transport and logistics. The company uses value chain system integration to deliver data-driven intelligent insights. It facilitates the creation of a smart, sustainable, and clean transport and logistics industry.

Pilot Project: Brenner Corridor

For Arxax the Brenner corridor represents one of the biggest decarbonization challenges. The Brenner corridor carries about 2,5 million heavy duty trucks on its roads every year. Each one of the trucks emits about 110 tons of CO2 per year and there is a very strong appetite at EU and at local level to decarbonize this sector.The Open Data Hub plays a fundamental role for green fuel market sizing and scoping and fuel demand analytics in heavy-duty transport across Brenner Pass.

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By utilizing data from Autostrada del Brennero through the Open Data Hub, Arxax has the ability to track the density, speed, and count of heavy-duty vehicles. By integrating this data with information from Austria, it becomes possible to trace the routes taken by trucks. This analysis aids in comprehending the demands at precise locations, such as identifying suitable refueling stations and their optimal placements. Such insights contribute to achieving their ultimate objective of establishing an environmentally sustainable TEN-T freight network with reduced or zero carbon emissions.

We use BIG data, digitalization and IoT to solve complex questions around fuel demand and the green transition.

Elizabeth Mc Namara