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Real-time flight data

Open real-time flight data offers advantages to passengers, airlines, travel industry stakeholders, and regulatory authorities alike. It enhances efficiency, improves planning and decision-making, and promotes a more seamless and transparent travel experience for all. It is also a great advantage for Taxi services, Shuttle services, and hotels offering transfers to have access to real-time flight data.

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SkyAlps is a small, regional airline of Bolzano that connects small and medium-sized cities in Europe with direct flights.


Open real-time flight data for stakeholders

Real-time flight data is beneficial for various players in the travel industry. Travel agencies, online travel platforms and booking websites can provide their customers with accurate and up-to-date flight data, guaranteeing a seamless booking process.

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Open real-time flight data for developers

Developers and innovators can leverage this data to design novel applications, services, and tools that elevate the travel experience for both individuals and businesses.

The flight data dataset contains information on real-time data and scheduled flights. Through this API you will have an overview of the SkyAlps timetable, with up-to-date information like prices, times, destinations, and more.

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