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Public mobility of the future

The future of public mobility is based on fundamental aspects such as the provision of high-level information to passengers and the integration of a modern ticketing system. However, one important improvement takes centre stage: the new ability to seamlessly integrate points of interest (POIs) provided by the Open Data Hub, into search queries, without the need for precise addresses. The simplification of this process not only transforms the passenger experience, but also broadens the appeal of public transport, marking a significant leap forward in the evolution of transport services.

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Südtirolmobil’s Breakthrough in Point-of-Interest Searches

Südtirolmobil, the application that is shaping the public mobility landscape in South Tyrol, has evolved by introducing an innovative feature that takes user convenience to a new level: the ability to search for points of interest (POI) with data provided by the Open Data Hub. With a focus on simplifying the passenger experience, this innovative app now allows users to effortlessly explore their surroundings by integrating POIs into search queries. This new feature is of great benefit to both locals and tourists as it provides intuitive and user-friendly access to public transport.

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Data from the Open Data Hub

With a focus on improving user-friendliness, südtirolmobil utilises data from the Open Data Hub to enhance its trip planning capabilities, particularly for tourists who are more familiar with Points of Interest (POIs) than specific bus stops or addresses. This integration not only enriches the passenger experience but also facilitates a more seamless and convenient journey for all users of the app, contributing to the overall success of the transportation system in South Tyrol.

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The Bingo Project

The Bingo Project, a pioneering initiative within the realm of public mobility in South Tyrol, represents a multi-year digitalization initiative led by Südtiroler Transportstrukturen AG (STA) on behalf of the province of South Tyrol. This project’s primary objective is to establish the groundwork for open systems that facilitate data exchange among various local stakeholders in public mobility. It adheres to open standards such as NeTEx, SIRI, ITxPT, and OJP, fostering an interoperable ecosystem. This approach aligns with the European Commission’s directives on standardised data exchange in public mobility since 2017, ensuring compliance with EU requirements. One of the key outcomes of the Bingo Project is the development of official information channels, including a web portal and native mobile apps, all operating under the brand “suedtirolmobil / altoadigemobilità.” These new channels have rapidly gained popularity, becoming some of the most widely used applications in the region. This project has revolutionised how people access and interact with public transportation services in South Tyrol.

Collaboration with the Open Data Hub

Südtirolmobil and the Open Data Hub collectively work to advance public mobility in South Tyrol. These initiatives aim to simplify travel, provide high-quality information, and enhance the appeal of public transportation services, ultimately improving the quality of life for residents and visitors in the region. If you have a project in mind in the fields of mobility or tourism and need data, or are interested in a collaboration with the Open Data Hub send us an Email. We look forward to hearing from you!

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