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Use Cases

The use cases show examples of how innovative digital solutions were developed with data from the Open Data Hub. Find out how they are used and applied to real-life challenges.


Revolutionising Data Access with SPARQL Endpoint and Virtual Knowledge Graph

In 2019, Open Data Hub and Ontopic embarked on a groundbreaking project to develop a Virtual Knowledge Graph based on real data, specifically focusing on tourism and mobility domains. This partnership aimed to revolutionise data access and provide valuable insights through a SPARQL endpoint.

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Real-time flight data

Open real-time flight data offers advantages to passengers, airlines, travel industry stakeholders and regulatory authorities alike. It enhances efficiency, improves planning and decision-making, and promotes a more seamless and transparent travel experience for all. It is also a great advantage for Taxi services, Shuttle services, and hotels offering transfers to have access to real-time flight data.

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Re-envisioning transportation & the green fuel supply chain.

Arxax is dedicated to reducing carbon emissions in the Brenner corridor by optimizing and promoting cleaner transportation through a data-driven approach.

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Mobility-as-a-Service: the new mobility of Merano

A new concept is emerging worldwide: “MaaS - Mobility-as-a-Service”. The idea is to allow people, through a unique APP, to access on demand different mobility services that are integrated with each other and to choose from time to time the most appropriate one.

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Brenner Lower Emissions Corridor

BrennerLEC aims to make transit vehicle traffic on the Brenner axis more respectful of the health of the resident population and more compatible with the characteristics of the area, in order to protect the special Alpine environment it passes through.

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Big data technologies and apples

The innovative pilot project KULTIVAS combines the long-standing experience of South Tyrolean agriculture with the latest technologies, to improve the decision making in apple cultivation.

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Real-time e-charging stations

An interactive map that shows a large set of e-charging stations, together with important real-time information.

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